Mr Simon Downing

Since taking over as the OTSIS members appointed broker in September 2020, a lot has changed.  I have had many insurers say to me ‘what an unfortunate time to be taking over a member’s scheme’.  Well, yes and no.  The current COVID-19 pandemic has meant we have got to know members’ individual needs and requirements much quicker than in normal circumstances.  As the new broker for OTSIS we are being asked to see how members’ reductions in income is being addressed, and rightly so: that’s our job.  I am finding that during this process many members remain unclear as to what has happened and who they should be dealing with.  I hope to clarify this for members and also answer a few queries that some members have raised during the transfer process.

All OTSIS members would have previously had their cover arranged by the old broker, MPIG (now Gallagher’s). However, from September 2020 MIC became the new broker for OTSIS.  This appointment did not automatically transfer your policy administration to MIC.  For this, we require a Broker Transfer form to be completed that transfers the administration of your policy from the old broker to MIC.  Your insurer doesn’t change and you are not tied in to renewing via MIC, but what it does mean is that MIC can offer you your renewal through your current insurer and continue your OTSIS membership.  Some members have been confused over the use of ‘sole broker’ within the Broker Transfer form; however this only relates to your current policy and insurer.  You are able, if you wish, to obtain alternative quotations from insurers/providers, but remember we also approach alternative insurers on your behalf to ensure you are receiving a comprehensive and competitive policy.  You may be approached by other brokers offering a good deal, and more often than not they are getting a quote from the same insurers that MIC use, duplicating results and sometimes confusing insurers.

To summarise:

  • MIC are the only broker able to offer OTSIS membership
  • MIC will act on your behalf once a Broker Transfer form is completed
  • There is no obligation for you to have to continue with MIC/OTSIS at renewal
  • MIC will approach multiple insurers at your renewal
  • MIC has highly experienced advisors and in-house medico-legal assistance available to members
  • MIC work with the OTSIS board to make sure your policy is fit for purpose in these changing times
  • MIC and OTSIS regularly meet and discuss policy coverage and cost with insurers
  • Being an OTSIS member means you can benefit from the combined efforts of other surgical colleagues, a specialist broker and insurers.

I hope after reading this that you feel more informed and reassured, but if you do have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the team on 0333 014 3042 or email

Simon Downing, Managing Director, MIC.