OTSIS has a dedicated advisory line for members, utilising experience and expertise gained over many years, to ensure that members’ needs as working professionals are met.  The advisory team is led by Emily Borhan, a Senior Medical Negligence Adviser, currently working for Medical Insurance Consultants and supported by specialist medical negligence legal firms. 

Ms Emily Borhan

Emily is a law graduate with extensive academic and practical experience of working with medical professionals, in relation to all areas of medical law, negligence and professional liability. Prior to working with Medical Insurance Consultants, Emily worked for MPI Group and supported OTSIS members (and other consultants) through a full range of issues. Emily began this in 2013, and was able to support OTSIS through its inception and through its growth and development, and felt ‘part of the team’ whilst assisting its members. The service that Emily is providing to OTSIS members is one that has been built up over the past 6 years of working with the scheme, understanding its members, and building relationships with solicitors, underwriters and other third parties.

Emily is very aware of the common time pressures that may present with both legal issues and requirements of notification under insurance policies, whilst understanding that as a surgeon, your time is extremely precious too. Having this understanding enables her to provide a market-leading service that goes above and beyond other providers in the industry, ensuring that the stress and time that inevitably comes with dealing with contentious matters is mitigated.